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Thursday, September 30

Guilty is as guilty does

Fox news has a story on what guilty people say when they're caught. It sounds remarkably familiar.
As any police officer or prosecutor will tell you, there is a remarkable consistency in the statements made by people pulled over by police while driving a stolen vehicle.

"I didn't know it was stolen. I just bought it from this guy I met," the driver will say. When pressed for details, the driver will usually insist that he bought the nearly new vehicle for about $1000, almost always from an unknown individual or person whose name doesn't check out, customarily at about 4:00 a.m., on a street whose name he can't recall.

Prosecutors use these statements as evidence of a consciousness of guilt. That, combined with possession of the stolen vehicle, is enough to secure a criminal conviction.
Maybe some one should check out Dan Rather's car.


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