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Thursday, September 30

Maybe they should call him "Bureaucracy Sucks"

Let's put aside why anyone would want to name their child afterSuperman. As anyone knows, Batman, Spiderman and hell, even Captain America are all cooler than Superman.

But who the hell are these people to tell parents what they can and can't name their children?
Swedish MPs are calling for legislation on babies' names to be changed after a Gothenburg woman was refused permission to call her son Staalman (or Superman).

The parents wanted their son to be named after the cartoon superhero, because he was born with one arm pointing upwards - as Superman flies.

Local tax authorities refused the request, saying the name could lead to the boy being ridiculed in later life.
Didn't the boy named Sue grow up to be a badass? I guess that explains what's happened to Sweden, where in my experience the women are way tougher than the men.


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