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Tuesday, September 28

Reaction to Terrorism

Horsefeathers has a letter to Jihadis posted. It's an incredibly harsh description of what will happen if fanatic Islamists push America too far.

It's not nice to acknowledge what we will do if pushed too far, and we will surely be ashamed of ourselves afterward, but it's not an inaccurate depiction of what will happen if a nuclear weapon (dirty or otherwise) goes off in an American city.

Though we're more focused on fighting terrorism than any other Western country except Israel, we're not mobilized. Afganistan, Iraq? That's us half-assing a response. We're trying to strangle Islamic fascism in its cradle and with only minor disruption to the life of the average civilian.

But if another major attack occurs on US soil, and we're compelled to mobilize as we did for WWI and WWII, the results will be unpleasant for all concerned, but much more so for those living in countries which breed terrorists.

The vision described by horsefeathers is not one I look forward to. So here's to hoping that we can keep islamofascism from spreading.


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