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Thursday, September 30

Uh, no.

I'm not sure I know enough ways to say no to this:
So perhaps it's time to make a modest proposal. If everyone in the world will be affected by this election, shouldn't everyone in the world have a vote?

It may sound wacky, but the idea could not be more American. After all, the country was founded on the notion that human beings must have a say in the decisions that govern their lives. The rebels' slogan of "No taxation without representation" endures two centuries later because it speaks about something larger than the narrow business of raising taxes. It says that those who pay for a government's actions must have a right to choose the government that takes them.

You're goddamn right it sounds wacky. When you start paying tribute, er, taxes to our federal government, we'll think about giving you a vote. Although, on second though, since paying taxes is one of the things you're best at, why don't we just say no and get it out of the way.

From Vodka Pundit via Steyn.


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