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Thursday, January 13

Friedman Calls Bullshit

Friedman enumerates rules of reporting for the Middle East, and explains why the Iraqi elections shouldn't be postponed:
Their [those who favor postponement] main argument is that an Iraqi election that ensconces the Shiite majority in power, without any participation of the Sunni minority, will sow the seeds of civil war.

That is probably true - but we are already in a civil war in Iraq. That civil war was started by the Sunni Baathists, and their Islamist fascist allies from around the region, the minute the U.S. toppled Saddam. And they started that war not because they felt the Iraqi elections were going to be rigged, but because they knew they weren't going to be rigged.

They started the war not to get their fair share of Iraqi power, but in hopes of retaining their unfair share.

I've gotten to the point where I'm not nearly as confident about the outcome in Iraq as I was a year ago. I'm still vaguely hopeful that it will turn out to be less bad that it was under Hussein(and if it's going to these elections are going to play some not insignificant role in that, and they sure as hell shouldn't be postponed for the very group that doesn't want them to happen in the first place), but I'm less optimistic that it will allow us to change the over-all dynamic in the Middle East.

Barely managing to contain civil war doesn't seem like a cohesive regional policy.


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