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Wednesday, January 5


A friend of mine got this off the Bloomberg wire service. I've removed a number of countries to shorten the list a bit.
Jan. 5 (Bloomberg) -- The following is a list of aidpledged by governments as of 6 p.m. Hong Kong time today to countries affected by the Dec. 26 Asian earthquake and tsunami, which left more than 155,000
people dead or missing.

Donations by companies and individuals aren't
Country/EntityPledged Amount
Germany$665 million
Japan$500 million
U.S. $350 million
Canada $80 millionon
France $56 millionon
British Columbia$8 million
Finland $6 million
Ontario $5 million

As my friend put it, "It seems that British Columbia and Ontario have managed something that those moaning Quebequois never could." Maybe the rest of Canada could seceed from Quebec?


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