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Friday, January 28

Zarqawi vs. Democracy

Apparently, Iraqi police have recently arrested a number of close Zarqawi associates, leading Hindrocket at Powerline to speculate that Zarqawi may already be in Iraqi custody and ratting out his friends. If that's the case, it also wouldn't surprise me if the most recent tape, (the one in which he declares "a bitter war against the principle of democracy and all those who seek to enact it") from Iraq's number one terrorist was "coaxed" out of him by his captors.

Zarqawi has previously been quite media savvy, and I was surprised to see him coming out so openly and forcefully against something that most of the Iraqi population supports. I would have expected something more along the lines of "There can be no true Iraq while the infidel occupies the land," or something similarly critical of the US and the occupation.

It's, of course, impossible to know if Iraqi security forces have Zarqwai locked up and are using him to create propaganda that will almost surely discredit the insurgency in the eyes of regular Iraqis, but if so, good for them.

An alternative possibility is that he's decided that nominative "solidarity" against the Coalition Forces is futile and his moved on to the long term goal of Sharia in Iraq, which means fighting Iraq's shiite majority.

Either way, good news.


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